About "ONES"


One Nation Energy Solutions ("ONES") is a Certified Woman Owned ("WBEA") privately held energy trading and marketing company founded in October 2002. Our headquarters is located in Houston, Texas. For the past four years, we�ve served North America�s largest natural gas producers, utilities, and industrial end users.

We specialize in providing natural gas supply, power, storage and transportation services, producer services, hedging solutions, and structured transitions for our customers. Our team has been building a sterling reputation as a client focused, relationship oriented, experienced trading group in the natural gas arena for over 15 year.



"Our Vision is to be perceived as a trusted energy marketing firm, specializing in reliable cost effective client focused services that benefit our customers, employees, and community."


Commitment: ONES is 100% committed to fostering customer loyalty, delivering superior and creative solutions while providing sustained growth and profitability.

Environment: We maintain a professional environment stimulating current and future opportunities for our employees.

Stability: Vital to our mission is financial stability and controlled growth, achieved through responsible risk management.


As a growing company, we recognize the importance of hiring and maintaining key personnel. We are located in Houston, Texas and consider our Accountants, Assistants, Consultants, Schedulers, and Traders as assets to our organization.

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One Nation Energy Solutions, LLC Advisory Board consists of individuals with over 25 years of experience in the Natural Gas Energy Industry. We continue to seek their advice and business knowledge to continue our growth and honing of our skills.